Lilaina Osborn's Review Policy


I am an avid reader and have tried my hand at writing as well. I am moving into the world of reviews and if you would like me to review something please read the following criteria for what I will and will not review.

I accept the following genres (or any mix of the following)
- Fantasy
- Historical fiction
- Military
- Horror
- Post-Apocalyptic
- Mystery

I do not accept:
- Children's/Middle Grade
- Poetry
- Erotica
- Romance (books with romantic elements are fine, but if it is a purely love story I will not accept it)

Initial Inquiry
If your book falls into one of my accepted categories the next step is to send me an email at Emails should be formatted with the title of the book in the subject line and the name of the author as well as a synopsis of the book in the body of the email. If you are looking for a pre-release review or a specific date review please indicate this along with the date in the body as well. At this point do not send a copy of the book.

Once I have received your request I will email back with a yes or no. If it is a yes I will then ask for a PDF copy of your book. At this time this is the only file type I am accepting so please convert your book to a PDF file or I will not review it.

I publish reviews to, Goodreads and of course this blog. If you would like your review published elsewhere you can ask and I can accommodate the requests up to a maximum of 2 additional sites.

A good rule of thumb is to give me about 1 month from the date you send your book to me to review it. I do get many requests and I try to complete them all in a timely manner but there will be times when I have hit my limit for the month and will not be able to complete your review for that month. I will email you once I have the review finished and have posted it

I do cover reveals so if you have a cover you would like to post in anticipation of your book release let me know and I will work with you on posting it. I also do author/character interviews and teasers as well, just email me to inquire more about this and see if its right for you.

Also if you have a website send it to me so I can include it in my post, that is of course if you want to!

I do not accept money for reviews

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  1. I attempted to email, but the link was not working. PLEASE consider my work when you are open for reviews next month-Ezekiel Either book in ANY format of your choice-I need help! Thank you so much